Hello all,
For a number of reasons I need to sell my garter snake collection. I thought things would work, but they aren't. I just do not have time.
They need to be gone soon. I don't want to set them loose, but the pet stores around here don't want them and I am running out of options!
So, I am asking for someone to, "make me an offer".
Here is what I have: All are Captive Born and feeding on pinkies and fish (not goldfish).

  • three Santa Cruz 2012
  • four very nice Oregon red spot 2012, two have red heads!
  • 1.2 Puget Sound adults, one of the females is greenish, the other two snakes are blue, especially the male!
  • seven new babies from them, that are eating fish and worms.

That is 17 snakes. Any decent offer will be accepted. The sooner the better.