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    CB 13 Unusual Garter Snake Inventory

    Listed below are garters that are feeding well but do still need a few more meals before being ready to go:

    *** Quantity discounts for 5 or more purchased ***


    5.0 Axanthic (2 dark, 3 light phased) $45 each
    2.0 High red from the same litter as axanthics $50 at birth/$95 showing red
    1.4 Xmas albino x high red hypo (double het-should produce outstanding high red hypo xmas plains) $150 females only or the lot for $595 (First year available)
    2.14 66% Poss het hybino/ probable red hypo/hypo $50 (Females only or the lot for $250)
    1.2 Iowa snow $75 (from 2 litters)
    1.3 Anerythristic plains $45 (from 2 litters)
    0.2 Hybino/Iowa snow plains-$75 (priced as albinos-if either starts to show hybino trait $195

    Red Sideds:

    0.6 Anerythrsitic red sideds 66% poss het snow $50 (1 of these females with a deformed tail $40) 2 litters
    2.4 66% Poss het snow $35 each/$50 pair
    1.3 Albino red sided $75 (1 of these females with a deformed tail $50)(Third pic)
    3.4 Het albino red sided (from golden x albino-these will be stunning as adults) $60 pair/take all for $180


    0.2 Golden easterns $375
    9.12 Carteret cty erythristic f x snow or leucistic m $225 each/$400 pair (First year available) (First pic)
    2.1 West Virginia anerythristic x erythristic albino or leucistic $195 each (First year available)

    Florida Blue striped (similis):

    8.2 $45 males only or take the lot for $325 (Second pic)

    Central American garters:

    2.3 Blackbelly garters $35
    0.3 Scotts garters (These get huge, my adult female is right at just under 4 feet long and puppy dog tame) $45
    1.3 Lake Chapala garters $45

    Trades for white carefresh only, shipping is extra. Accepted forms of payment are Paypal, credit cards via Paypal and USPS money orders. Questions, email or call me at the number below. Thanks !
    Scott Felzer
    919-413-8321 EST

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