The majority of these babies are eating well on either feeder fish, worms and/or some are taking unscented mice parts and are ready to go:


1.0 Albino red sided (from double het snow x het blue x snow) $75
1.0 Anerythristic red sided (from double het snow x het blue x snow) $50
2.3 Plains from quad het x het snow $35 each
4.2 Plains Het snow $35 each
3.0 Super Xmas Plains hets $35 each
2.2 Super Xmas albinos $175 each (very rare)
5.1 66% Het snow 50% Het Blue red sideds $25 each/2 for $40
3.1 Easterns 66% Het erythristic albino & Mohr Anerythristic $35 each
1.0 Het Eastern erythristic albino $35
1.1 High red Nebraska albino plains (mom is outrageously high red bred to a high red het male) $150 each
Scotts garters & Lake Chapala Garters-Central American garters, lake chapala babies are huge for garter babies - High female on both species
$45 females
$125 Trio
$150 one male and three females

Shipping is extra. Accepted forms of payment are Paypal, credit cards via Paypal and USPS money orders. Questions, email Scott @ or call/text the number below. Thanks !