I am going to part with some of my baby eastern garters. I have a few 66% het for Kentucky T- Albinos that were born from visual West Virginia anery's.
These babies all look like normal eastern babies at the moment. Most of these will get darker with age and within a year become anerythristic as they are Co-dom for the trait. They are one of the most interesting morphs I have ever worked with. "Thanks Shawn" I am hoping at some point these will produce a new eastern snow morph. There is also a possibility that they are het for Schuett snow as the anery grandfather to this group was a possible het. I would be happy to help whoever buys these snakes with husbandry tips along the way. They are $150 each plus shipping. I currently have males and females available. Please PM your cell number if you are interested so I can text pics of the parents and the babies available.
Thanks for your interest.