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Thread: Baby Garters

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    Baby Garters

    So, I have 5 baby Garter snakes(wild bred), 2 were injured ((all fixed up now!)) and 3 were about to be slaughtered by out neighbor...

    I fell in love with them after saving them, and I was wondering a good place to get them a blood test to find out their (Breed(s)) species? (Near the state of Indiana.)

    Also, in a few years from now, Breeding and giving away (very, very slightly possibly selling) is in mind, Where is a good place to keep in mind?

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    Re: Baby Garters

    Post photos and where they are from and we should be able to tell you what you are working with. Blood test would be a no go since a large amount of blood is necessary and they are way too small (I'm guessing)
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