My ~1 year old male puget sound garter snake needs a new home as his tank mate has passed away, and I am not looking to adopt any new snakes at this time.
I will insist he go to a home where he will have other garters as tank mates.

It is not clear on why his tank mate passed. It was very sudden. It may have been old age as he was getting on in years, or it could be disease. So if you take on this boy keep him in quarantine for the first 3 months to keep your babies safe.

I live in BC, Canada. I have never shipped a snake out, so any help doing that right would be appreciated.

I'll post up pics once my fiance gets home, as he has some quality ones he took recently, I'm pretty sure.

Shipping is expensive, from what I understand, and since I am primarily looking to keep him happy and healthy I will only ask that you pay the shipping.

If you are a local to the Lower Mainland of BC we can meet up.