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    Radix safe foods

    I'm new to snakes and am excited to soon be welcoming three Radix into our home soon.
    I have access to a few feed sources as my dogs are fed raw. I'd like confirmation that they are safe to feed (thiaminase free).

    Basa-Basa Fillets
    Great Lake Smelts (whole)
    Sardines from Portugal (whole)
    Small Mackeral
    Salmon ground with bone
    Trout ground with bone

    Will they eat birds/eggs? I also have access to these:
    Ground quail
    Quail (whole)
    Chicken Hearts
    Whole chicken (ground)
    Quail eggs

    And rabbit:
    Whole rabbit ground

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    Re: Radix safe foods

    We have a list of safe and unsafe fish in the Garter snake Care Sheet on the home page.
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    Re: Radix safe foods

    For fish, I feed my garters silversides sold at the big box pet stores. I have not tried the other fish you listed.

    People do feed garters chicken hearts. I'm not sure how well they would do with ground meat. I think snakes tend to feed better on a solid food object because of how they grab and swallow food.

    I feed my garter Reptilinks' frog links, and they can break apart sometimes. I find that the snakes tend to waste the small bits that break apart.

    Garters are not known for eating eggs much. I wouldn't make it a regular part of their diet.

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    Re: Radix safe foods

    Don't forget good old fashioned night-crawlers from your local Walmart ... aka, Gartersnake comfort food. (My two Eastern Garters won't touch them with a ten-foot pole.

    My Radix will not eat Silversides but my Easterns will although they prefer Salmon. (They fancy.)

    All three will gobble down chicken hearts and chicken gizzards like they are going outta style. Hearts and Gizzards are easy to slice into bit-sized pieces for convenience. They terrible twosome of Eastern Siblings are getting aggressive enough that they have had a couple minor squabbles over food so if the pieces are small enough, they can gobble them down before the other tries to take it away.

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