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    Thread subscription

    How do I unsubscribe from threads?? We're subscribed to like 25...don't know how that happened. I looked through user cp and can't figure it out



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    Re: Thread subscription

    On the homepage or other pages, go to the User CP menu. It's on the left side of the page almost at the top. From there you can choose Edit options(on the left side menu) Under the 5th check box you can make a decision about subscriptions that will effect all your posts

    You can also go to the same User CP page and choose "List Subscriptions" There you will see all the threads you are subscribed to. You can choose notification for individual thread from that location.
    If this doesn't help, maybe Wayne will put a few screen shots up for you.
    Do your stuff, Wayne.
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    Re: Thread subscription

    K...i'll check that out

    Got it


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    Re: Thread subscription

    When I first joined, I went through the same thing.

    Every time I posted a reply or started a thread, My email box would fill up with notices that replies had been made.

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    Re: Thread subscription

    lol yup me too..... but it lasted till last month and it was my moms email lol woops!
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