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Thread: plains garters

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    plains garters

    went to a reptile show in Des Moines, Iowa today and they had garters! I was shocked...this is the 1st time I have seen them there! Bought a pair. They were so pretty and the dealers were so insightful and helpful. I will try to post pics this week if time permits. I felt like the little darlings needed some H2O and down time. @ hr drive from DM + we stopped at families home 4 dinner so long time in little contanier!

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    Re: plains garters

    Thanks for the comments. Next year the T.radix Ranch will have 2 tables dedicated to Thamnophis. I was the guy with the Guido name tag.
    You did get two very nice radixes. They belonged to my friend Mark but if you very have any question or concerns you can just PM me on the forum.
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    Re: plains garters

    o the irony
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    Re: plains garters

    Small world!
    Le Ann

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