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Thread: Reporting Spam

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    Reporting Spam

    I would like to ask for everyone’s assistance in keeping the forum spam free. While I try to read every post within a couple of hours of posting, as the forum grows I am not always able to keep up. So I need your help. If you find a post that is questionable or think it should be brought to my attention, could you please bring it to my attention. You can alert me by clicking on the "Report Post" button in the offending post.

    It looks like this:

    While I doubt we can cut out the spam entirely, hopefully we can cut down on the number of members who notice the spam before it is deleted.


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    Re: Reporting Spam

    I will keep my eyes wide open.
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    Re: Reporting Spam

    I will be vigilant.

    This is an awesome forum. I post on a hardy subtropical plant forum as well, and that site gets wierd spam that frustrates me to no end (I loathe it).
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    Re: Reporting Spam

    Maybe we could use moderators when the site gets large enough? And yes sites for reptiles and other things get very weird spam.
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