Just trying to cover our butts.
  1. By using the Thamnophis classifieds, you agree not to hold Thamnophis.com or the staff responsible for any financial losses or dealings.
  2. All sales are between the buyer and seller.
  3. Members found to be dealing in bad faith will be banned from using the Thamnophis classifieds and/or forum.
  4. All ad must be related to reptiles. Any non-reptile related ads will we removed without notification.
  5. All reptiles must be advertised captive bred (CB), wild caught (WC) or long-term captive specimens (LTC).
  6. All ads must list location and contact information when posting items for sale.
  7. The buyer and seller's profile must include their first and last name as well as a contact phone number. This information can only be seen by the site moderators/admin and will not be given out, but will be used if we need to contact you.
  8. Only upload pictures you have taken or ones you have expressed permission to use. Using pictures without consent is a copyright violation and is prohibited. Any such pictures/ads will be deleted without further notice.
  9. All pictures must be of the species or item being sold and must state explicitly if it is or is not of the actual item being sold.
  10. Ads will remain active for 30 days after which time they will be deactivated and/or removed from the site.

Please note these rules and conditions are for your benefit and may change over time. Please make sure to read them before posting any ads!