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Thread: January 2014 Photo Contest

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    January 2014 Photo Contest

    This month's theme, selected by Thamnophis is "garter snakes that are peeking from their hiding place...".

    The rules are as follows;

    1) Each participant is allowed only one entry.

    2) The contest will remain open for the first weeks of the month, the final week being set aside for voting.

    3) Pictures must be related to the genus Thamnophis and must be within the theme set by last month's winner in order to be eligible.

    4) The winner may choose the theme for the next contest, but may not participate in it.

    5) It is understood that the winner gives his or her permission for their winning entry to be posted on the portal page, unless otherwise stated beforehand. This means that the contestants must own the rights to the photos they are competing with.

    6) No comments in the contest threads.

    7) Don't enter the photo contest if you're not going to stick around for the results, or aren't able to.

    8) No photoshopping.However, color correction, cropping, resizing and other comparable actions are allowed.

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    Re: January 2014 Photo Contest

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    ATB, Rod

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    Re: January 2014 Photo Contest

    T. marcianus, T. e. cuitzeoensis, T. cyrtopsis, T. radix, T. s. infernalis, T. s. tetrataenia

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    Re: January 2014 Photo Contest

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    Keeping - 'Florida blue' sirtalis, concinnus, infernalis, parietalis, radix, marcianus and ocellatus.

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    Re: January 2014 Photo Contest

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