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I have fed these two garters nightcrawlers by leaving a tupperware in the viv before brumation. After brumation I put a tupperware of a doz. tuffys and goldfish in the viv and they were eaten within 2 days, but I did not see the snakes eat or which snake actually ate fish. I fed the small garter succesfully in a seperate container chunks of perch and earthworms. I later found that the perch had sodium triphosphate. The salmon she just bites but dosen't actually eat. Im offering food to these snakes once a week.

I want to start feeding them feeder fish consistently. Are feeder goldfish and tuffys really that bad?
YES! Goldfish are a bad idea. If by tuffies you mean rosy minnows then I would also say a diet of those would be bad. Feeding fish as a consent diet would not be the best idea, in my opinion.
A varied diet is best.
Then there is always the parasite issue with goldfish to consider.

What kind of brumation are you talking about?

True brumation should only occur when the digestive tract is void of food (no food for 2-3 weeks before brumation)

Otherwise the food in the stomach will rot and the snake will die or have serious complications.

The care sheet has a section on both brumation and thiaminase.

Hope this helps.