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Thread: Snake Breathing Treatments

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    Snake Breathing Treatments

    I found this technique when I was googling RI when I jumped the gun and thought that Marley had one and used it on her and I wonder if other members would weigh in on it to see if it was safe or not. It seems like a vapor treatment and you only leave the snake in for about 10 minutes. While Marley didn't have one, it didn't seem to have an ill effect on her.

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    Re: Snake Breathing Treatments

    I asked her to start a thread and get opinions from you guys...I am interested to see what you think. It definitely looks like it would help a snake with an RI, and I know the stuff used works for people...just wondering if it would be safe for snakes to breathe...I plan on asking my vet about it when I talk to him.
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    Re: Snake Breathing Treatments

    Seem harmless enough but, a Vets. opinion would be good.
    This is the first I've heard of this treatment for any reptiles.
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