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    oh, please help - lucy is having seizures

    I know that there's probably no hope because in between seizures she is still - I thought she was dead. I heard her knocking around her cage like she does sometimes when she tries to get out. She usually does this on the day she gets fed so I didn't think anything of it. I heard her knocking around more than usual and I saw her mouth wide open and her body twisting around and around.

    I had posted a few weeks ago when she started talking and some people suggested I take video and post it here. I really did try but it seemed that whenever I started the camera, she stopped. She wasn't doing it constantly except for one day right at the beginning. I was going to post and get some advice. I should have taken her to the vet but she was strong and eating and nothing else appeared wrong.

    It's too late to call my vet and I'm not sure he could do anything at this point. should I hold her during the seizures? I've made her comfy but I've been holding her most of the time. My heart is just breaking I love her so much.

    Any ideas about what this could have been? I can give more info later, Lucy needs me.

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    Re: oh, please help - lucy is having seizures

    I would call the vet and see if he can see her right away. He may be able to do something. Do you by any chance feed her a fish only diet or live fish? Comforting her and holding her in between the seizures is good...comfort her and love her. I would put her on something soft...a towel or something...when she is having the seizures but I wouldn't hold her during them. I am so sorry this is happening. I would call the vet right away..maybe he can help.
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    Re: oh, please help - lucy is having seizures

    I certainly don't want to be a downer but usually when seizures have started it's too late for recovery.
    Garter snakes in many ways are just like other pets, not showing illness until it's too late.
    Please keep us posted on this situation.

    Calling a Vet. is always an option.
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