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    Sudden Death Parasites?

    I got a garter snake two months ago he showed stunted growth due to previous owner not feeding often enough. He was over a year old and the size of a 3 month old garter snake. He was a very fussy eater only accepting earthworms. I tried pinkies, fish fillet, lance fish, cat food, live fish would not touch them. He refused worms for a week and died suddenly last night. He showed no signs of RI, blister disease, Infectious Stomatis ect.

    I think parasites are the cause of death or toxic gut contents from the earthworms. No red wigglers ,worms from garden only.

    Anyone with similar experiances?

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    Re: Sudden Death Parasites?

    Any evidence that it was the worms/parasites? It could also have been do to problems caused by malnutrition.
    Just a thought.

    P.S. Cat food isn't a good food source as it is a processed food meant for a mammal.
    Those type of foods are full of preservatives and high in salt in most circumstances.
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    Re: Sudden Death Parasites?

    Usually most parasite infestations that are bad enough to cause death show symptons before hand like wheezing, extreme weight loss, bloody and undigested stools, regurgitation, and lethargicness. It was probably due to the malnutrition or impaction. Did the stomach feel as if it was blown full of air?

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    Re: Sudden Death Parasites?

    One of my friends had a corn just like that. Never ate much of anything, and died at close to 2 years old probably the size of a yearling garter.

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    Re: Sudden Death Parasites?

    Seems like a simple case of failure to thrive or malnutrition. I see no specific reason to suspect parasites.

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