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    Unhappy Help! Garter snake has something stuck in throat!

    Yesterday I was riding my bike, when my mother noticed a small garter snake. It wasn't move, so I touched it. It moved it head, so I picked it up, and noticed a very, very faint lump in it's throat. It's high enough that it's preventing it from turning it's head, and i think it is having trouble move, too. I've tried leaving it outside to see if it will slither away, but I come back an hour or two later, and it's still there!
    Is there anything I can do to help it?

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    Re: Help! Garter snake has something stuck in throat!

    This can be so many different things. Did you happen to snap a picture? Wild garters are subjected to a lot of dangers in injuries , illnesses and a overall shortened lifespan. Could be a parasitic infestation internally, maybe it's a pathological swelling such as a tumor, a internal obstruction from a prey item. Hard to say for sure. Maybe consider taking it to a rescue center near you that accepts reptiles.
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    Re: Help! Garter snake has something stuck in throat!

    As Albert said, difficult to diagnose. It certainly doesn't sound good and this snake may have very limited time left. For a wild snake to being unable to move to find cover is a death sentence. I agree with trying to find a rescue center.
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