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Thread: Vent Blockage

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    Re: Vent Blockage

    Snake looks good from overhead, it would be dire if snake was inflated up top(likely a blockage) or deflated down low(parasites or kidney failure) but snake looks pretty good, hopefully recovers fully.

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    Re: Vent Blockage

    So unfortunately this one does not have a happy ending. The snake ended up dying several weeks ago. I was waiting for the results of a necropsy, which I received today. Report was inconclusive, however, other than the kidneys were inflamed and the animal likely died of renal failure. So really no smoking gun on what the cause was. This animal was acquired at the same time with another of the same species from the same breeder, but was told they were unrelated. Both animals had similar symptoms of a crusty material at the vent. Both animals died.

    I should note that I have a modest collection of close to 20 snakes of various species. I currently have 4 other garter snakes. No other animal in my collection has shown similar symptoms.

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    Re: Vent Blockage

    Sorry to hear about your loss.
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