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    Something wrong with the tail?

    Hello to everyone! Maybe someone can help me with my question.
    We got garter snake about 10 month ago, she is at least 12 or 13 month old now.
    All goes well, she ate well, she shed well. She was on frog diet because she reduce fish fillet or guppies but we were not worried. We hope that frogs are good nutritional and we've bought them in vetshop.

    A couple of days ago we noticed that garter's tail looked dehydrated or like broken. We are in panic, what had goes wrong? She can move her tail and she feels my touches but tail looks so strange. Or it is ok? What are your opinions?

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    Re: Something wrong with the tail?

    If that has not been noticed since birth I would assume its a dietary issue. What are you feeding?

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