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Thread: Injured garter snake- a buddy of mine

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    Injured garter snake- a buddy of mine

    I have several garter snakes that live under my front porch. They will actually come out and sit next to me in the sun.
    I recently noticed one was innured. Not sure what happened. You can see the end of the tail is dead and there is an injury on its belly.
    I have a few 10 gallon glass aquariums not in use. Should I bring it in for a while and nurse it back to good health?
    How would you recommend setting up the aguarium? Are there other options for feeding other than small feeder fish. Our local pet store is not yet open due to pandemic.20200605_130210.jpg

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    Re: Injured garter snake- a buddy of mine

    Bringing it in is an option and also leaving it to nature. Nightcrawlers are great food and can be dug up. A water dish and paper towels with some kind of hide would work.
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    Re: Injured garter snake- a buddy of mine

    I think it couldn't hurt to bring it in and nurse it back to health as long as you keep it separated from any other reptiles you might own.

    You could feed it worms and "cultivate" an easily accessible patch of earthworms outside by laying a big log, wide piece of wood, thick piece of wet cardboard or something like that in a shady part of your yard. Hose it down so the area is damp and leave it for awhile and worms will inevitably start gathering underneath it. All you have to do is peel it up every few days and grab the worms you see.

    Good luck, and keep us posted with pictures and updates!

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