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    Help!!..Snakes not eating after burmation

    I had burmated my snakes for a month, and took them out 1-2 weeks ago, but they still aren't eating, any suggestions? They still seem perfectly lively.
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    Re: Help!!..Snakes not eating after burmation

    They won't always start eating again straight away, after brumation. Are you sure you cooled them down enough? And for long enough? T. ordinoides, being a northern species, might be more adapted to a longer brumation period. It could well be that their 'body-clock' is still telling them it's winter time.

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    Re: Help!!..Snakes not eating after burmation

    It can take one or two month until they stard eating again.
    Youīll have to watch their weight but donīt worry unless they donīt get skinny.
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