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    Death and Speration Anxiety

    Hi all,

    Two questions regarding a recent event tht happened.
    1. My favorite snake died yesterday after puking up blood several imes. When it first occured, I did not notice any obstructions etc, but she was in real pain and survived for around two hours. Does anyone have an idea as to what this could have been? She threw up a worm earlier in the day, but seemed fine the rest of the day.
    2. My remaining snake is now a loner and I'd like to know if their may be any distatchment problems regarding eating, demeanor etc....

    Thanks for your help...It's been a bad day! Bob

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    Re: Death and Speration Anxiety

    Hello there,

    So sorry to hear about your loss! That's terrible that it had to happen that way... I am not sure why your snake was puking up blood, maybe someone else could help shed light on this? Parasites, in my opinion, COULD be the cause of this, you said the snake regurgitated a worm earlier. Was there anything in their cage that could have been un-sturdy and fallen and injured your snake internally?

    Also, the second snake is not going to suffer any separation anxiety. they don't really go through that. While garter snakes do seem to seek one another out when housed together, they do not feel a loss. They do as well alone as they do together. The only reason that your snake would change it's habits now is possibly if the other snake was sick, or had parasites, then there is a real chance that your other one could be ill also and not show signs yet. Did you ever notice any blood in the stools of either snake? Have they ever thrown up before?

    How have you been keeping them and what were you feeding them? Anoher possibility is that you unknowingly fed the snake a worm that is either poisonous to them, or one that had a poisonous chemical or pesticide in it. I could definately see that having very ill effects on a snake. There are some worms you have to stay away from, and unless you know for a fact that no chemicals of anykind are used around where you live, it is not a good idea to dig worms up.

    Trust me I'm not accusing you of anything here, just asking for a wee bit more information as it will really help us try and figure out why your garter passed away.
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    Re: Death and Speration Anxiety

    You don't mention the age of the snake that died. Snakes, like other creatures, can develop such things as cancers
    Snake Cancer

    so there is always the possibility cancer was involved in your snake's sudden demise. A cancer such as hemangiosarcoma can cause an animal to bleed to death internally, often without evidence of any external bleeding. From the description of puking blood though, this is one problem that could be suspected.

    Another thing to consider is possible secondary poisoning. Consider where the earthworm came from and whether anyone could have sprayed something in the area that would be poisonous to snakes.

    Your second snake will adjust fine, although I find garters do enjoy the company of their own species and I'm sure your second snake would appreciate a new buddy!

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