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    Re: Garter popping/clicking update

    Quote Originally Posted by RedSided View Post
    The Viv is perfectly ventilated, its got 4 vents in the back spaced evenly about the size of the bottom of a mug.
    My comment wasn't meant as a critisism or accusation, it was merely a general observation. Personally I use 12" X 12" square vents (usually two, sometimes more, depending on viv size), I don't consider mug-size to be sufficient. But maybe that's just me.

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    Re: Garter popping/clicking update

    I didn't take it as an insult or anything. Its just another one of those things thats going to be debated between keepers .

    Sorry if it read as if I was being snappy.
    Does your water bowl look like a toilet, it does? Guess I will have to change it again

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