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Thread: Hello!

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    Re: Hello!

    I think DNR gets involved when someone is breeding and selling native snakes on a larger scale. Obviously, you shouldn't advertise the facts relating to this snake. Sometimes people get turned in simply because the caller has nothing better to do. I think you and her will be a good mix.
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    Re: Hello!

    The guy who bought her from me at repticon columbia must have turned around and sold her at the repticon atlanta show! I'm glad you ended up with her and i'm glad you came here for advice.
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    oh wow! It's nice to hear about her from who she actually came from, and her real story! She was purchased at the atlanta repticon on the 27th/28th of july, and then by me on the 31st of july. She has settled in and has gone to town on mice and feeder guppies. I completely adore her as a pet, and have no plans to breed her. I follow the same line of thinking, that the dnr office has enough to worry about and that she should be fine in my possession. I only brought it up because i do want to do what is in the best interest of her, and didn't know if you guys had some horror stories of snake raids for one pet or something lol.

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