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    Sort of a, hello again, thread.

    Hello everyone, I'm not actually new but its been so long since I posted here that I forgot all of my profile information, (including my screen name) and no longer use the same email, so I figured it would be easier to make a new one. In any case I'm in the process of setting up a new enclosure for a pair of garter snakes I intend to by later on this year and given my lack of past success with keeping snakes I figured I would benefit from the advice of experts.

    My profile pic is the last snake I had, found him early last spring in the garden when I was cleaning up all the leaves and I brought him inside so he wouldn't freeze to death or get eaten since I destroyed his home. I have tried to keep dekay's before, with no real success and his case was no different, after about a month of trying to get him to eat I ended up letting him go, as it was warm enough outside for him then.

    After that I figured a slightly larger captive bread snake might be easier, I found a seemingly reputable website that sells garter's, specifically ones native to my area, and I just got a rather nice 40 gallon tank from a friend of mine for almost nothing. As soon as I have a bit of cash I plan to set up a bioactive vivarium, let it get established for a few weeks, then order the snake. So far my research has told me how to set up the soil/ drainage, what bugs to use, and how to control for climate but they lacked specificity on appropriate plants and in general the guides I found were not thamnophis specific. Hell most of them weren't even temperate zone themed, which is what I want. A little slice of new england, in a tank, on a desk, in my apartment.

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    Re: Sort of a, hello again, thread.

    Nice to have you back on the forum.
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