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Thread: New Garter Lover ❤️ Needs Help w/Mites

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    Cool New Garter Lover ❤️ Needs Help w/Mites

    I've had many pets over the years and always wanted a snake, but just recently have fallen in love with garters. Love their personalities, their curiosity and the fact that they're social. I have two Wandering garters, one wild-caught and one of unknown origins purchased through a classified ad.

    I joined this forum mainly because I'm now dealing with snake mites and need some help. I've quarantined my buddies in a plastic tub with only paper towels while I treat their tank. I've been using baths with Dawn dish soap to treat the snakes, but it doesn't seem to be making a difference on the mites/eggs that have lodged in their eyes. From everything I've heard, typical snake mite treatments can't be applied directly to garters because they're too small.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Re: New Garter Lover ❤️ Needs Help w/Mites

    I have used Provent-a-mite in the past but it must be applied exactly as the direction say. I've lost neonates after using the product as per directed. I'd suggest doing the Google for other ideas.
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