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    Hi, I'm New Here!
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    Here and back again ?

    Hello everyone!

    I'm new but not. I was a member long ago and I can't remember my login or the email I used for it so here we are. I see a couple familiar names.

    About me:

    I'm from, and currently live in, Upstate NY. I like snakes, vinyl ( mostly punk and hip hop but I'm slowly becoming a blues nerd), hiking, sci-fi in any medium, movies that are so bad they're good, saying I'm allergic to things I don't like so people won't attempt to make me try their " special version that is WAY better than any I've ever had before," learning to cook with a wok and also "cheap food." If anyone has ever had a chopped cheese then you know what I mean and if you haven't then I encourage you to google and make one.

    Interesting facts:

    1. I can pop and lock but only my right thumb.
    2. I started running about a year ago for exercise and I'm still waiting for the infamous "runner's high." Currently I'm still just sad when I run.
    3. In 2019 while visiting the Netherlands I got to hold a tetrataenia and almost cried ( might have cried a lil.)

    Recently: I've really been doing only field herping ( "Gotcha! Aren't you pretty! Ew thanks for the musk" ) the last 5 to 6 years or so due to life chaos and a lot of moving. I brought in a few easterns and the odd milk for the winter who popped up around work well past when they should have been hibernating but wasn't really keeping any pet herps until this past weekend when I acquired a yearling male red terrestris at an expo. I had to be in the area and wasn't planning on getting anything but prepped a wee cage just in case ( you never know, you know?) I'm glad I did. I usually don't see thams at shows at all but I saw an obviously wc similis, an eastern and one table had some adorable albino marcianus babies and this lone male terrestris. I've been staring at these for years on the internet but have never seen one up close. I looked, chatted up the guy at the table , walked in a circle and then came right back haha. He's doing well so far (already showed me the weak spots in the enclosure.) First feed will be tomorrow or the day after. The itch is back. Now I just need to round up some space and enclosures for some radix and obscurus to round out the dream team. Pics soon. I can't even find out how to add my own thumbnail for my profile.


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    Re: Here and back again ?

    Welcome back to the community.

    I am afraid that the community is not what it once was. Certainly know how life chaos can take hold. Glad it is certainly easing up, but you would know know it with the way the markets are today.

    0.1 Thamnophis Sirtalis Tetrataenia - deceased

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    Re: Here and back again ?

    Good to hear from you.
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