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Thread: Reptile Regulations by State

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    Reptile Regulations by State

    Discussion thread for Reptile Regulations by State. If you would like to add a comment, click the Post Reply button.

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    Re: Reptile Regulations by State

    Also... if you are aware of a new regulation, or see that your state is not covered, please add your state to our Article (see the Articles section) on Reptile Regulations by state.
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    Re: Reptile Regulations by State

    This article is getting pretty long. Maybe we should split it up by region or something? Also, I'm adding a Canadian province and hope that's okay.

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    Re: Reptile Regulations by State

    it doesn't really matter that it's long, as one can always click on a specific state in the table of content, and it goes to that section
    there's only 21 states represented so far, and I wonder whether those are the only ones where we have members
    it would be nice to know more about the laws in other countries also
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    Re: Reptile Regulations by State

    I added some things to the California laws everyone. It only had a little bit there about tortoises, alligators and such. I added info starting at "now the good stuff". This information came to me in an email directly from the California Department of Fish and Game as a reply to an inquiry I sent to them. The information is current as of Feb 11, 2011.

    Reptile Regulations by State - Caresheets

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    Re: Reptile Regulations by State

    Sorry to drag up an old thread, but was the link moved somewhere? I wanted to double check laws in a few states...(NY, MA and VT)

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    Re: Reptile Regulations by State

    I found this sight but haven't had a chance to check it out. Hope it helps.

    Reptile Laws for Every State
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