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  1. Looking for many things
  2. Wanted: several ideas
  3. Looking for plains females
  4. Searching Garter Snake
  5. Looking for a roommate for my Garter
  6. New to this
  7. Concinnus Wanted
  8. California Red-sided Garters in Canada
  9. Looking for Pugets and more.
  10. Female Checkereds wanted!!!
  11. Need a few females
  12. Looking for 3-4 garter snakes, located in Virginia
  13. Looking for 3-4 female garters: babies or sub-adults perferred, captive bred required
  14. Need male Eastern Black Neck garters
  15. Looking for Eastern garter 🐍
  16. Eastern garters wanted
  17. Wanted: Eastern Garter Snake cb hatchlings/subadult
  18. Eastern melanistic checkered garter snake for sale
  19. Wanted: Cali red sided
  20. Oregon red spotted babies
  21. Building my collection - what do you have?
  22. Babies??
  23. WTB- Eastern Blackneck and Santa Cruz
  24. Puget Sound/pickeringii for sale?
  25. Would like to get some garter snakes
  26. T. s. infernalis - Female
  27. Fl Blue Garters
  28. ISO male sirtalis similis (florida blue) prefer adult/subadult Cash in Hand!
  29. Eastern morphs
  30. Blues!
  31. UK Breeders
  32. Fl blues
  33. Wtb
  34. Thamnophis sirtalis tetrataenia, seller at Hamm, europe (march 2018)
  35. Melenistic eastern male and female wtb
  36. Anyone expecting Babies around may-june
  37. Melanistic Easterns!
  38. Adult male redsided garter
  39. Chapala garter wanted
  40. Looking for a variety of thamnophis
  41. 2017 radix
  42. Looking for some albino easters!
  43. Wanting puget sound blue garter or florida blue garter
  44. Eastern blackneck or California Red Sided breeding pair wanted
  45. Puget Sound Garter Snakes
  46. Eastern Garters
  47. Looking for 10-20 Garter snakes
  48. T. radix 2 males
  49. Albino Kansas Red side
  50. Male plains garter snakes.
  51. Baby female checkered
  52. Need Neon Blue California Red-Sided Garter Snake
  53. !!!wanted **adult male /female** wanted!!!
  54. Wanted infernalis
  55. Santa Cruz Garter Snake
  56. Wanted!!!!
  57. Have older Puget female, looking for male
  58. Looking for a Neon Blue California Red Sided Garters or a Puget Sound Gartersnake
  59. Santa Cruz
  60. Wanted: Thamnophis sirtalis pickeringii (Blue phase puget garters)
  61. Garters in the UK
  62. Looking for a beautiful snake for our classroom.
  63. anyone producing Santa Cruz garters this year or eastern blacknecks
  64. Puget Sound Blue Phase Garter Snakes
  65. Wanted: california red sided garter
  66. Lake Chapala Garters
  67. Easterns
  68. This section of the forum should allow replies.
  69. Garters near Red Oak Iowa
  70. Looking for Thamnophis infernalis and blue phase concinnus
  71. Albino radix
  72. WANTED- Neon California Garter
  73. Wanted: pair of Thamnophis Infernalis
  74. Wanted: Breeding pair of Eastern Garter Snakes.
  75. california redsideds wanted
  76. Male radix
  77. Canada, anyone have garter snakes?
  78. Puget Sound garters, blue phase
  79. Any male subadult garter for pet only
  80. Wanted: T+ or T- albino garter morphs
  81. WANTED Californian Red Sided Garter MALE (UK)
  82. Breeder Male Eastern (T. sirtalis sirtalis) and Red-sided (T. pareitalis)
  83. WANTED: Puget Sound Garters
  84. WANTED: Western plains garters
  85. WANTED: Anery or Snow Red Sided
  86. Anerytheristic Plains Garter
  87. axanthic radix
  88. Blue puget pairs..
  89. Male Schuett albino(T.s.sirtalis)
  90. Wanted>Anery & Axanthic Radix
  91. Wanting Wandering Garter morphs!!!!
  92. Wanted: Florida Blue, Puget Sound
  93. Looking For A Blue anery/axanthic concinnus or Blue Puget
  94. Blue phase puget male
  95. WANTED: Florida Blue, Puget, or Valley
  96. My daughter wants a blue snake
  97. Garters for Children Education
  98. Hey anyone with a garter snake up for trade
  99. wanted cheaper side garters
  100. USA - Looking for a CBB adult female Eastern Morph
  101. Need breedable ery/flame albino eastern female
  102. In need of a male melanistic
  103. Looking for 2014 Babies
  104. Looking for an adult female Florida blue garter
  105. Desperately looking for garters in the UK!
  106. Looking for an adult male Leucistic eastern or 100% het
  107. Looking for natrix natrix
  108. need to buy adult male redsided morphs
  109. WANTED! Adult Female Albino Checkered
  110. Adult Male Eastern Normal or Morph
  111. Wanted: Texas garters (t.s.annectens)
  112. Looking for a garter snake breeder in Florida
  113. Canada: Similis
  114. Looking for a Puget sound Garter for an educational display
  115. Storeria Dekayi
  116. Erythristic Easterns
  117. Wanted Redstripe Ribbon Pair
  118. Looking For a Couple of Nice Adult Female Red-Spot Concinnus
  119. My Snow Plains Girl needs a boyfriend. =)
  120. Looking for a large female to room with my female radix
  121. Radix wanted preferably a female.
  122. Looking for adult male Plains garter snake (s)
  123. Adult Pugets
  124. Erythristic Albino + Erythristic Albino Flame Easterns -- CASH OR TRADE
  125. Wanted : Adult female Florida blue eastern garters
  126. Anyone Producing Erythristic Eastrns this Season?
  127. Male san francisco garter.
  128. wanted unrelated pair of San Francisco garters - T, s, tetrataenia uk
  129. Granite or albino granite adult male
  130. Looking for Puget blue phase
  131. female radix
  132. Red sided normal
  133. Erythristic easterns
  134. looking for neon blue California red sided garter
  135. neon blue california red sided
  136. looking for california red sided
  137. Santa cruz in Canada
  138. Garter snake breeder that ships to Canada
  139. Single garter wanted
  140. Wanted Garter Snakes below
  141. Wanted adult male flame!
  142. Blue Striped Ribbon Snake (Thamnophis sauritus nitae)
  143. adult red sided morphs
  144. Garter wanted Canada
  145. Red-spotted and Santa Cruz garters wanted
  146. Infernalis wanted
  147. Wanted: List of adut garters
  148. checkered garter
  149. wanted Thamnophis eques obscurus/scotti/cuitzeoensis/
  150. (Wanted) Eastern Albino and Melanistic
  151. (Wanted) Eastern Albino and Melanistic
  152. UK/Europe - seeking 0.1 T.s.concinnus and 1.0 T.c.ocellatus
  153. Any garters
  154. Infernalis
  155. ribbon
  156. blackneck garters austin tx/that range of tx. locale WANTED!
  157. UK - Thamnophis Sirtalis Similis - blue female wanted
  158. Anybody working with Maritime garters?
  159. NE england
  160. Eastern Blackneck Garter
  161. California red-sided garter
  162. Oregon Red Spotted Garter
  163. UK/Europe - 0.1 Thamnophis sirtalis concinnus
  164. Infernalis wanted
  165. Wanted: Young male red radix
  166. Garters to join my family in uk (east anglia)
  167. Wanted: Male California Red-Sided
  168. thamnophis sirtalis flame
  169. USA - NC - Looking for Eastern morphs
  170. UK-wanted female simils
  171. WANTED: locality specific Oregon Red Spotted Garter
  172. Looking for Eastern Blacknecks
  173. Will buy any unwanted snakes
  174. UK - Viperine Snakes (Natrix Maura)
  175. Looking For Chicago Male
  176. Pacific NW, USA - female young Ordinoides
  177. USA-IL- Garters Wanted!
  178. UK, im after checked garter snake morphs
  179. USA - Looking for a confirmed male anery red sided garter
  180. Looking for sirtalis
  181. Infernalis female needed in Alberta
  182. Wanted; Anery / ALbino and/or Snow parietalis
  183. Garter snakes Erie, pa buffalo, ny cleveland,oh
  184. Garter snakes in Alberta, Canada
  185. Male redsided garter
  186. Wanted: High Red Banded Water Snake Pair
  187. Neon blue..
  188. Wanted: female san fran garter, male red striped ribbon
  189. red Anerythristic
  190. Black Necked Garter
  191. Infernalis female needed in Alberta
  192. Blue phase Puget Sound Garters
  193. Garters in California
  194. Albino Granite Checkered
  195. A snake to give a happy home to.
  196. Garters in Alberta Canada
  197. looking for garters in the uk
  198. Puget Sound, Santa Cruz, Oregon Red Spot and Florida Blue Striped!
  199. T. S. fitchi wanted
  200. Looking for Garter Snakes for sale in Northern Ontario
  201. High Red Plains Pair and more... List included!!!
  202. Garter snakes england
  203. Looking for Canadian garter snake breeder.
  204. Anerythristic garters wanted
  205. San francisco or California Garter snake wanted in the UK.
  206. Sirtalis erythristics
  207. Wanted
  208. CB Eastern Black Neck Garter Snakes
  209. Male Fitchi and Elegans...
  210. garters in Seattle
  211. Roomate wanted!
  212. UK/Europe - 0.2 Thamnophis sirtalis concinnus
  213. Looking To Buy Some High End CB Garters
  214. Looking for Garters in California
  215. wandering garters
  216. Eastern Blackneck female
  217. Eastern Ribbon (Thamnophis sauritus sauritus)
  218. Reptile Mag. January 1998
  219. UK/Europe - Wanted - adult/grown on T.radix, female, CB
  220. Concinnus | Pugets | Santa Cruz | Checkereds | Melanistic Easterns
  221. Natrix maura available in the states?
  222. Looking for 2011 melanistic or red-sided garter
  223. I m a newbie to Garters, i am looking for cool morphs available at a reasonable price
  224. Anery plains
  225. Female garter sought...Eastern preferred...
  226. Puget Sound baby
  227. canadian garter snake breeders
  228. Male Gulf Coast Ribbon
  229. looking for a trio of easterns or redsideds
  230. WANTED: Thamnophis Fulvis Male
  231. Canadian Garter Breeders. Please Look
  232. infernalis wanted
  233. Puget sound adult or sub-adult
  234. male and female pair of easterns
  235. Hypo/Pastel, and Granite Checkereds...
  236. wanted puget sound(s)
  237. corn snake or hoged nosed snake...
  238. Baby (young) Radix, or Infernalis Wanted
  239. Thamnophis sirtalis (Puget Sound Garter) Wanted
  240. Yearling garter wanted!
  241. want a baby garter snake!
  242. Canadian Breeders or able to ship to Canada from USA?
  243. Wanted: Eastern Black Neck Male
  244. ANY Garters in the U.K / Europe?
  245. wanted black neck or a checkered
  246. Canada Garters?
  247. Checkered Garter
  248. PUGET SOUND GARTER snakes
  249. Wanted colorful and visually stunning red or blue adult female garter
  250. radtad trio of Puget sound blues